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Get Students on Your Campus Excited and Ready for Careers

At Gladeo, we believe career exploration and development should be exciting, educational, relatable, inspiring and empowering!


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Custom Career Navigation Platforms

Get a customized, dedicated career navigation platform for your college and drive earlier and enhanced student awareness of career pathways. Feature your school's career pathways and connect your school's courses, degrees, and certification programs to career pathways on the platform.

Self-Service and Online

Scale up the capacity of your career services office by offering engaging, self-service, online career navigation tools to your students.

Configurable & Flexible

Configure your Gladeo Career Navigation Platform with your alumni videos, careers and industries you want to feature, your school's programs and majors, etc.

Intelligent Matching

Intelligently match students with the right career pathways, opportunities, resources, and employers.

Tracking & Analytics

Get reports on student engagement, what careers and industries they're interested in, etc.

Diverse and Inclusive Videos

Help students from all backgrounds see and hear from relatable role models sharing stories that can inspire and expand what's possible.


Alumni Video Stories

Showcase the talent, diversity, and successful career stories of your alumni on your school's custom career navigation portal and/or your dedicated school and program pages in the Gladeo program finder.

Major and Industry Quizzes


Bring more value to your learners by adding Gladeo's Pathfit Quiz Package, i.e. major and industry-specific quizzes, to your platform. For example, help communications majors figure out which communications-related career fits their personality best.

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Advanced Counselor Tools


The Advanced Counselor Tools package offers career counselors and faculty a dedicated portal and dashboard to manage and view learners' profiles, assign and track tasks, and utilize reporting tools.

Introduction to Career Development


A virtual, research-based career development course which features on-demand video learning modules and quizzes accompanied by supplemental digital tools on Our course is purposefully designed to be inclusive, engaging and Gen-Z friendly. Click below for chapter topics.


Are you ready to transform your career services for the future of work?

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