GLADEO Career exploration workshop

A career exploration workshop that helps students find and pursue their dream career. First part of the workshop discusses why it is important to learn about different careers and industries from an early age. Second part explores who they are through investigation of personality strengths, passions and priorities. Then, we explore how to discover the different careers and industries out there both efficiently and effectively. Lastly, we introduce them to our "Virtual Career Day", our online career exploration platform where they can learn about careers through our ever-growing library of content.

At the end of the workshop, students have a strong sense of who they are, stronger self confidence and a clearer direction of their future. Students also know what they need to do, aside from their education, empowering them to pursue their goals for the future. 

Through exploratory quizzes, videos and stories, this workshop empowers students to find their strengths and passion and gives them the know how to connect to the professional world in order to establish meaningful careers in the future. 

The outline of the workshop is:
1. Why is it important to start exploring careers and industries early on?
- Success video, Famous Failures video.
- Take the grit quiz.
2. Self Awareness
- Personality: Take the Gladeo personality quiz. 
- Passions
- Priorities
3. World Awareness - What industries and careers are out there? How to learn more about them. 
- Introduce www.gladeoX.org, our career exploration website

 Michelle Cho speaking to kids at  Connect Lincoln Heights , a youth organization in East Los Angeles, in May of 2015.

Michelle Cho speaking to kids at Connect Lincoln Heights, a youth organization in East Los Angeles, in May of 2015.

If you are a non-profit or school that would like materials to conduct your own career workshops, please contact us at contact@gladeo.org.

The following are some of the organizations we have worked with: