Gladeo produces 3 types of videos: personal experience documentaries, Gladeo in a Flash videos and industry videos.

Personal Experience career Documentaries

3-5 minute personal experience documentaries about inspiring individuals and their career paths. But instead of focusing on only the job, the skills needed, or even a sneak peak into a ‘day in the life of a...”, we create short films which reveal the personality, talents, struggles, and background of the subject, to draw the viewer into the journey that the subject has lived through to get to where they are today. Below is an example of one our personal experience documentaries:

gladeo in a flash videos

Quick 90 second, lightning round Q/A style video that gives a brief overview about a career.

Industry Videos (Coming soon)

Industry videos give a general overview of an industry, explain all the different types of careers within an industry, and help to demystify certain industries. For instance, so many students think they cannot work in the tech industry because they don’t know how or want to code. What they don’t know is that there are so many different departments in a tech company that could be a great fit for them even if they don’t code: marketing, social media, accounting, project management, PR, finance…etc.

How you can get involved with gladeo videos

1. Know a company or individual who might be interested in sponsoring a Gladeo video? Contact us through our form on the Volunteer page. Or have your company email us at partnerships@gladeo.org.

2. Do you or someone you know have a career story that needs to be told in a personal experience documentary? Contact us through our form on the Volunteer page and tell us a little about yourself.