Gladeo, A Partner for the LA Chamber of Commerce's Riordan Leadership Institute

Gladeo is proud to be one of the non-profit partners for the LA Chamber of Commerce and Southern California Leadership Network's Riordan Fellowship Institute. 

The Riordan Leadership Institute is a 9-month board training and matching fellowship for early to mid-career professionals, designed to prepare them for service on nonprofit boards like yours. The program is comprised of classroom and peer learning for the fellows, hands-on board training in collaboration with a local nonprofit, and execution of a project that is meant to deliver impact leadership to your organization and board. 

On October 15, 2017, Gladeo participated in the Board Match event where we met amazing leaders in LA who are passionate about using their skills, experience and network to serve on non-profit boards. 

Meet This Summer's #GladeoLeague Creator Team!

Meet This Summer's #GladeoLeague Creator Team!

This semester the Gladeo League is proud to welcome new additions to the Creator team as well as returning members. Our Creator Team is comprised of talented and ingenious individuals that bring the Gladeo vision to life. We are so proud of all of the great work the Creators have achieved in the past and look forward to all of the exciting projects our league members have planned for the near future.

Meet This Summer's #GladeoLeague Marketing Team!

Meet This Summer's #GladeoLeague Marketing Team!

Gladeo is so excited to have Marketing as a new branch of the Gladeo League! Our marketers are dedicated to ensuring that the Gladeo mission gets across to as many students as possible by utilizing social media and other platforms. Though we are now just welcoming these fresh faces to the League, our marketers are already busy starting the semester off strong by working hard on new social media plans.

Meet This Summer's #GladeoLeague Production Team!

Meet This Summer's #GladeoLeague Production Team!

The Gladeo League is changing things up! As part of our internship program, we have assembled a team of film students this semester! Our Gladeo League Production Team will be working with industry advisors to create videos that reflect our message while gaining experience in the industry. With a shared passion for film and inspiring others, you can bet that our new team is ready to put their all into their work.

The Bigger and Bolder New #GladeoLeague

The Bigger and Bolder New #GladeoLeague

THE NEW GLADEO LEAGUE: BIGGER AND BOLDER. This internship semester boasts the biggest group yet - we have 24 talented college students and grads in our internship team! We are excited to welcome many fresh faces in the League, as well as welcoming back some League veterans this semester. We are also proud to introduce our panel of Industry Advisors for our interns, as well as two new teams for the program! 

Meet Gladeo's Board of Directors!

Meet Gladeo's Board of Directors!

Gladeo is extremely proud to have the support from our amazing Bord of Directors! These individuals share the passion for the potential of students and are examples of the exceptional people Gladeo hopes to mold. By volunteering their time and talent with us, our Board Members are dedicated to inspiring youth one day at a time. From different backgrounds in various industries, they are united to promote the shared vision of enabling all students a chance to pursue their dream career!

#MeetTheLeague - Danny Shin, Graphic Design

Welcome to the Gladeo League, Danny Shin

Danny Shin is an undergraduate Design Studies major at San Jose State University. An artist with an eye for detail, he strongly believes that an effective design can have a powerful impact among others. He hopes to apply this passion to big companies such Apple or Google through apps or graphic design in the future.

Danny is also obsessed with technology, particularly, with smartphones and cars. He has his own website, Simplicity Show, just to blog all about them.

We're excited to have Danny working with Kalyn, Aretha, and Ally as part of our Graphic Design Team! Look out for some new infographics this semester- our new Creator Team has some bright ideas! 

By Hailey Baird, League Reporter and Joseph Fortun, League Director

#MeetTheLeague - Justin Styles, League Reporter

Meet Justin Styles - one of Gladeo League’s new writers and a member of the Reporter Team!

A student at California State University, Northridge, Justin majors in Journalism and has a passion for writing and helping others. In his free time, he likes to write music, watch interviews and study popular culture. His interests include music, comedy, and songwriting.

Justin hopes to become a future role model for younger people and inspire them through example. His favorite quote, “even when it’s dark out the sun is shining somewhere” showcases his attitude of peerless optimism in the face of adversity.

With his interest in aiding youth and penchant for positivity, Justin represents an amazing addition to the Reporters and Gladeo League as a whole.

By Daniel Nguyen, Gladeo Reporter

#MeetTheLeague - Daniel Nguyen, League Reporter

Daniel Nguyen is one of our newest additions to the Reporter Team for Gladeo !

Daniel’s story began in Sugarland, Texas where he grew up reading and writing. He grew up as an avid Harry Potter fan and loved learning in school. Today, he is a Business student at Hofstra University Honors College on Long Island, New York.

Daniel constantly works to challenge himself. He started his college career a semester early and spent the summer bicycling around the Northeast and Canada. He pursues his passion for journalism not only through Gladeo, but also through his university’s newspaper, The Chronicle, as a Staff Writer. In his free time, he loves to volunteer in order to enhance the lives of others; so there is no surprise that his favorite TV show is Parks and Recreation.

Welcome to the team, Daniel! We're looking forward to working with you as a League Reporter!

By Noah Burton, League Reporter


Seeking Experienced Board Members!

Do you want to inspire and help young people find and pursue their dream career?

We are looking for new board members in Los Angeles. We meet quarterly and expect around a 4-hour commitment per month beyond the board meeting. We're looking for experienced board members, as our organization is new and could use the guidance that experience brings.

We are looking for individuals with the following expertise:

  • Fundraising: We are seeking a board member knowledgeable about the "industry of philanthropy" in Los Angeles. Primary role will be to provide guidance for our fundraising strategy and introductions to the fundraising community. This includes foundations, corporate sponsorships and private donors. We have laid out a corporate sponsorship plan where corporations will sponsor key parts of our content and allow us to interview their employees (on video, off video) so we can educate and inspire students about the vast array of careers and industries, not just the ones in their community.
  • Public Relations: We are seeing a board member with expertise in public relations to provide guidance and assistant in implementation of effective communication strategies. 
  • Technology: We have created a prototype "Virtual Career Day", an online portal where guidance counselors and students can learn about the vasty array of careers from our ever-growing library of content. In 2016, we tested our prototype with over 200,00 users and received great feedback as well as suggestions for more functionalities and features, especially from guidance counselors. We would like to revamp our portal and we are seeking a technology expert who will help us with vendor selection and creation of our specs document.


Mission: Gladeo’s mission is to inspire and help young people discover, navigate and achieve their dream careers by creating innovative multimedia content and distributing it through the web, social media and to guidance counselors in high schools.

Problem: Studies show that early introduction of careers to students increases student engagement and decreases high school dropout rates. However, students from low-income neighborhoods have less career role models and career resources, so they heavily rely on their guidance counselors for career exploration. But these guidance counselors are stretched so thin. According to the California Department of Education, the student-to-counselor ratio is 945 to 1 and career counseling is merely one of their many responsibilities. So, how do these kids aspire to careers they’ve never heard of?

About Us: Gladeo created an online portal (a "Virtual Career Day") where guidance counselors and students can learn about the vast array of careers from our ever-growing library of content of videos, infographics and career profiles.

We interview working professionals to get first-hand, insider information. We also share stories of diverse individuals that these students can relate to, combating stereotypes to encourage all students, regardless of their background, to believe that success is also in their future, ALL in a fun, visually engaging way to effectively reach this young, "digital native" audience.

Gladeo gives guidance counselors the resources they need to inspire and expose their students to the vast world of possibilities, not just the ones in their community and to empower their students to make informed decisions about their future.

With an all-volunteer staff, we have reached over 200,000 students through guidance counselors, our career workshops and social media and feedback has been great. Guidance counselors from across the country have thanked us for our free career resources and been asking us for more!

Gladeo is a finalist for the 2017 Social Innovation Fast Pitch hosted by Social Ventures Partners Los Angeles.

For more information about Gladeo, please go to our website at www.gladeo.org.

#MeetTheLeague - Alejandra Padilla, Graphic Design

Alejandra Padilla is a San Jose, CA native and is currently attending San Jose State University for a BA in Design.

An avid tennis player since high school, Aly still keeps in shape by playing volleyball as well. While her other hobbies include painting and photography, she plans to focus on making more art projects that highlight issues in the US, such as women's rights and the environment. She aspires to use her creative eye to design either magazines or mobile apps in the future.

Keep a lookout for some of Aly’s designs that will be featured on Gladeo. We are thrilled to have her along with the other new additions to the League this semester!

By Hailey Baird, Gladeo League Reporter

#MeetTheLeague - Tyce Rose, Audio Design

Meet Tyce Rose, our new resident League Audio Designer!

Born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA, Tyce has always had an affinity for the arts, especially music. He started playing the trombone in 5th grade, and was a member of marching band, choir, jazz band, and concert ensemble throughout high school. He moved to California and graduated from Cogswell Polytechnical College last year with a degree in Digital Audio Technology.

He currently lives in San Jose, CA with his newly wed wife and two lovely dogs: Eva and Layla. In his spare time, Tyce loves to attend sporting events and concerts. He also enjoys traveling and exploring the world.

As you probably can tell, Gladeo is quickly expanding but we are looking for new additions! If you are a college student or a recent college grad, don’t hesitate to apply to join the Gladeo League! You can learn how to apply here

by Hailey Baird, Gladeo League Reporter

#MeetTheLeague - Alice Shen, League Reporter

The Gladeo League would like to welcome Alice Shen, a new member of our Reporter team!

A recent Journalism graduate from Boston University, Alice is looking forward to pursuing a career in multimedia journalism with a concentration in business and technology. One unique aspect that Alice brings to the League is her experience working with various media outlets such as CNN Beijing Bureau, Bloomberg Businessweek (Chinese Version), Caijing Magazine, and Milford Daily News.

In her free time, Alice enjoys picking up the camera and taking pictures of whatever inspires her. When she’s not behind the lens, you can find her either striking up a conversation with someone new or chilling at the movies.

We are excited to have such an experienced and hardworking member on the Reporter Team! With such talented members with the League, this semester is looking to be the best one yet!

By Tiffany Gonzales, Gladeo League Head Scribe

#MeetTheLeague - Aretha Dong, Graphic Design

As we begin another semester with our internship team, we are excited to introduce some fresh faces joining the Gladeo League this spring!

Meet Aretha Dong- one of our new Graphic Designers in the Creator Team!

Aretha is a senior at San Jose State University, majoring in Design Studies at the end of this semester. Before she decided to study graphic design Aretha wanted to become an art teacher. Her initial goal was to study studio art with an emphasis in teacher preparation. As a child, Aretha won numerous awards for her artwork, usually done with pens and pencils. Eventually, her love for art propelled her to pursue Design at SJSU.

She hopes to use her BA in Design Studies to market labels and logos for products such as beverage bottles, makeup, or even music albums.

Aretha still enjoys making art with pens and pencils. One of her dreams is to visit Europe to see the famous artworks she has studied in the past. In her free time, Aretha loves to watch movies, find delicious food to eat, and play with lots of dogs.

Welcome to the Gladeo League, Aretha! Keep checking the Gladeo Blog to meet our new Gladeo League members throughout the next few weeks!

By Joseph Fortuno, Gladeo League Program Director

Gladeo Makes it to the Finals for SVP's Social Innovation Fast Pitch 2017!

We are honored and excited to advance to the finals for this year's Social Innovation Fast Pitch program organized by Social Venture Partners Los Angeles! To see a list of all the finalists in the 2017 cohort, click here.

It was a rigorous program that our co-founder, Michelle Cho, went through perfecting and presenting her 3 minute pitch. It was well worth it. Michelle thanks Robin Keefe, Susan Smalley, and all the coaches who volunteered their time to help her. 

To attend the Fast Pitch on March 22, 2017 at the Skirball Cultural Center in LA, click here.


The Social Innovation Fast Pitch is a free two-month communication skills training program for nonprofits that are creating lasting social change in Greater Los Angeles. The program trains nonprofit leaders to powerfully communicate their story, and connects them with leaders in the business, philanthropic, and nonprofit communities who can help them achieve their goals. The program culminates in a high-energy competition event designed to inspire and engage all of Los Angeles in the process of positive change in our community. 10 finalists share their organization’s mission, model, results, and their “ask” with an audience of hundreds of philanthropic, business, civic, and nonprofit leaders and a panel of high-profile judges.

To learn more information about the Social Innovation Fast Pitch program, click here