Gladeo Launches the Student Ambassador Program!

We are proud to announce our newest project, the Student Ambassador program!

Student Ambassadors, will be representing Gladeo as a student with an in-depth knowledge about the programs that Gladeo offers! The position is meant to represent Gladeo from “a student who has used Gladeo’s resources” perspective. 

These inspiring individuals will be working with Gladeo to promote our mission! Gladeo’s mission is to help young people discover the many career paths and options out in the world and equip them with the knowledge, tools and community necessary to help them pursue their dreams careers. Gladeo is devoted to improving the lives of young people by helping them discover their dreams, their goals, their paths, and ultimately, their truest selves.

We believe passionately that identifying one's unique strengths and having a dream can change attitudes, energize people, transform lives, and ultimately, the world. With student debt at an all-time high and rampant un(der)employment, Gladeo creates invaluable programs for students seeking to make wise, informed education and career decisions. One of those programs is GladeoX, an online career exploration resource that helps young people discover the many career paths and options out in the world through written and video content.

Student Ambassador's ultimate goal will be to boost awareness for Gladeo by making connections with both professionals who are willing to spend their time working with Gladeo and evangelizing to students who could use the various resources that Gladeo offers. This internship will help connect Student Ambassadors to industry professionals, and can lead to many more opportunities!

The program will be headed by Joseph Fortuno, Head Student Ambassador!

For more information about the Student Ambassador Program, visit http://www.gladeo.org/studentambassador/, or email Joseph at joseph@gladeo.org!

Joseph Fortuno, Student Ambassador Program Director