I am proud to announce a wonderful addition to the Gladeo family: Joseph Fortuno. Joseph is a recent graduate of Hercules High School and a freshmen at Cogswell Polytechnical College in San Jose, CA majoring in Digital Media Management. He was the CEO of Herban Movement, a student governed company formed at Hercules High School, associated with Junior Achievement Northern California and The Academy of Hospitality and International Tourism.

NAME: Joseph Fortuno

AGE: 19

LOCATION: San Jose, California

COLLEGE: Cogswell Polytecnical College, San Jose CA

CAREERS & INDUSTRY: Digital Media Management, Marketing

At such a young age, he has a list of accomplishments a mile long but here are just a few of the highlights: CEO of Herban Movement which won the titles of “Best Business Plan” and “Best Commercial” at the 2015 JA NorCal Company of the Year Competition in Mountain View, CA, Represented Northern California at the Microsoft Social Innovation Award at the 2015 Junior Achievement USA National Student Leadership Summit in Washington, D.C., represented Junior Achievement USA on American Graduate Day on PBS, live from New York City, and most recently, met President Barrack Obama at The White House on behalf of Junior Achievement for National Entrepreneurship Month!

His story is inspiring. He was on his own from 17, homeless and couch surfing through high school. A non-profit called Junior Achievement picked him up at his lowest point, and showed him all the possibilities, and allowed him to be his own boss through their company program, assigning him as CEO of Herban Movement for two years! Now that he has graduated from the program, his believes his new job is to inspire other students the way he was inspired, and start a new chain of compassion and inspiration to pick up kids who might be going through the same thing. That is why he believes in Gladeo’s cause and has joined our family.

Joseph says “Gladeo shares a similar goal and mission as I do! As someone who struggled in high school from lack of career exposure and motivation, I think that Gladeo's programs and passion are necessary in today's generation.”

Joseph is also an avid blogger and writer on his own website, Joseph's World and when he’s not working with great causes and going to school, he likes to play video games and spend time with friends and family! We are excited to welcome him to the Gladeo family!

Michelle Cho, Founder and President