NAME: Mahal Williams

AGE: 18

LOCATION: Hercules, California

COLLEGE: Diablo Valley College

CAREERS & INDUSTRIES: Community Service and Education

Mahal has much experience through the non-profit company Junior Achievement. Through a student-ran business, she and her classmates were invited to attend and participate in the Junior Achievement National Student Leadership Summit, where they took home the Microsoft Social Innovation Award. Mahal also has interned for the Richmond Convention and Visitors Bureau, where she and Tiffany Gonzales co-managed and created the Restaurant Guide Project for the hotels in the city of Richmond, California. She is an avid blogger for her own website, MahalW.com, where she voices her thoughts on important social issues. She is very passionate about change in the education system, and plans to use her experiences to help guide for a new direction in the system, and in a bigger picture, change the world. 

"I love that Gladeo provides students with in-depth detail on non-mainstream careers. I admire how the main goal is to motivate students to excel in life and aspire to achieve even their wildest dreams."

Welcome to the team, Mahal! 

Joseph Fortuno, Student Ambassador Program Director