NAME: Brandon Fong

AGE: 18

LOCATION: San Diego, California

COLLEGE: San Diego State University

CAREERS & INDUSTRIES: Music, Business Marketing

With the Bay Area as his hometown, Brandon Fong has come a long way, growing from a timid teenager to an outgoing young man.  Attending Hercules High School, he found his love for music and performing arts through marching band and musical theater. Both programs helped Brandon find his personality in leadership, becoming the leader of Hercules High School's Drumline for three years. Brandon gained valuable communication skills and stage presence, having performed in front of hundreds of people as a lead actor for various productions. He is currently attending San Diego State University with an interest in Business Marketing.  With over 200 subscribers on his YouTube channel and more than 30,000 views,  his goal is to use his major to enter the music industry.  His passion for music is as strong as ever, now a part of his college's Drumline and a growing singer and songwriter, performing in multiple events and locations around San Diego. 

"I love Gladeo because it helps students understand how to achieve their dream career. Today students enter college without having a career in mind or they have an idea but they take the wrong route.  I like to work with young students to help guide them to a successful career, and through Gladeo I can absolutely do that."

Welcome to Gladeo, Brandon! We look forward to working with you!

Joseph Fortuno, Student Ambassador Program Director