Gladeo Student Ambassador Day 2016 Was A Success!

On Thursday January 14th, all of our Student Ambassadors met up with Gladeo Co-Founder and President, Michelle Cho to discuss projects, ideas, and the future for Gladeo!

This was the first time all Student Ambassadors met with Michelle, with the exception of Rachel Gorgas, who participated in the meeting from San Diego via Skype. The team started off the day with a meeting at the Hercules Community Center, where the team introduced themselves and discussed the kind of impact they want for Gladeo. They discussed long term goals, the vision, and the mission of how they can make Gladeo the go-to resource for students who want to find their dream career. Afterwards, the group switched venues and met at the Richmond Community Foundation, to brainstorm potential projects. This was the first time The Gladeo League put together their creative minds to develop some very exciting plans this upcoming year. Lastly, and most importantly, the League talked about each individual's specific responsibilities, and selected roles within the Gladeo League.

We are very proud to announce the Gladeo Leaguer's roles  for their Spring 2016 internship:

Joseph Fortuno - Gladeo League Program Director, Facebook Administrator
Rachel Gorgas - Gladeo League Overseer, Head Creator, Instagram Administrator
Brandon Fong - Gladeo League Overseer, Creator, Twitter Administrator
Tiffany Gonzales - Gladeo League Head Scribe, Producer
Mahal Williams - Gladeo League Head Producer, Messenger
Austin Sybouts - "Gladeo Club" Pilot Coordinator, Creator, Producer
Alexander Walker-Griffin - Gladeo League Head Messenger, Scribe

The Gladeo League is very excited to begin working with Gladeo this spring, and are looking forward to sharing what we have in store for our supporters this upcoming term! After meeting up with all of the student ambassadors, there is no doubt that their creative minds, undeniable chemistry, and burning passion will turn Gladeo into a movement! Stay tuned and expect great things from Gladeo coming up in the near future!

Tiffany Gonzales, Head Scribe