What is the Gladeo League?

Here at Gladeo, our mission is to help young people discover the many career paths and options out in the world and equip them with the knowledge, tools and community necessary to help them pursue their dreams careers. The best way for young people to understand our cause, in our opinion, is for them to hear it from another young person's point of view.

Last October, Joseph Fortuno and founder Michelle Cho launched the Student Ambassadorship Program. Through the program, Student Ambassadors will be able to gain very important experience and connections in the field of their choice, all while promoting Gladeo and its mission. 

After a few months of the beta testing stage, the Student Ambassadorship Program was re-evaluated and reformed into The Gladeo League! We are so excited to be bringing the talents of our Student Ambassadors to Gladeo, and we are even more excited to be working with talented and inspiring young adults who have heard our cause and joined our mission! 

The Gladeo League is designed to be an internship for college students where they can use their talents and strengths to support Gladeo. Student Ambassadors will be able to chose their role in the program- The Scribe, The Messenger, The Producer, and The Creator. Each role has a different responsibility in the program. 

We are so excited to be working with these young adults and watching them grow as successful individuals! 

To learn more about The Gladeo League and how you can help or join, plese click the button below!

Joseph Fortuno, Student Ambassador Program Director