Michelle Cho & Joseph Fortuno Talk Gladeo on Education Talk Radio

On Friday February 19th, Gladeo's Student Ambassador Program Director Joseph Fortuno and Gladeo's Co-founder and President Michelle Cho join Larry Jacobs on his program Education Talk Radio! The pair was interviewed by host Larry Jacobs. In the segment, GLADEO: Working With Students for Career Readiness, Fortuno and Cho talk about Gladeo's history, purpose, and how people across the country can benefit from it's services. 

Throughout the interview, Fortuno inspires by giving a "crash course of [his] life" and how he and Michelle formed  "the Gladeo League." He talks of how the Gladeo League is not a traditional internship program where you "just grab coffee for someone for two years" but is a program that is specifically molded to the student's talents. 

Along with talking about the organization's services, Michelle Cho tells that the basic idea of Gladeo is "transferring the knowledge from professional to young [students]." She explains how career readiness is important for students even in middle school so that they can be directed to the right path for them. Michelle continues and states that Gladeo's resources equips students with tools that can help them "conquer the world" and more importantly, to "be your own superhero." 

To listen to the full interview, click  here.

Tiffany Gonzales, Head Scribe