Celebrating #UnsungBlackHeroes - and the Heroes of Our Everyday Lives!

Chocolate chip cookies, Black Wall Street,Civil Rights Movement icons, and so much more- the Gladeo League hopes that you’ve enjoyed our content on #UnsungBlackHeroes! These are just a few of the millions of other stories that have yet to be featured and celebrated during Black History month.

Now that Black History Month has ended, it is important to remember that the recognition of Black excellence does not come to a halt at the end of this month. While it is wonderful that a whole month is dedicated to Black History, we should keep expanding our knowledge and educate ourselves on how Black excellence affects our everyday lives. One might find out that a Black man is behind the existence of the Xbox and the Wii. One might also find that a Black figure was the pioneer for open heart surgery. And, one may stumble across the Black inventor of the potato chip. Who knows what else we can learn?

It is also important to not only expand our knowledge about these unsung heroes, but also, the unsung heroes within our communities! Who are the unsung heroes in our everyday lives? Remind people that they are capable of excellence and success; as hard work is often times unrecognized or unnoticed. It is motivating to hear that someone appreciates something we do, whether it is a big or small act. Tell one person everyday how much their work is appreciated- you may just make their day.

Mahal Williams, Head Producer and Black History Month Content Curator