#WOMENSHISTORYMONTH - The Feminine Mystique x Betty Friedan

The Gladeo League is starting off National Women's History month by celebrating one of the influential books in all of women's history, The Feminine Mystique. This publication exemplifies the loud impact one person's single action can make, and 53 years later, it's still roaring. 

 In the late 1950's, Betty Friedan conducted a survey of her old college classmates, and the results were alarming. With over two hundred responses, Friedan learned that the majority of women were not happy with their "housewife" status. With the intent of only being an article, many magazines refused to publish the-then scandalous topic which only inspired Friedman to turn it into a book.  The publication of The Feminine Mystique is credited with beginning the second wave of feminism and one of the most influential books in women's history. 

Many women felt trapped within their seemingly perfect life and this trend soon became known as "the problem with no name."  This novel soon turned into a movement, Friedan started to receive letters from women about their unhappy lives and Futurist Alvin Toffler stated that The Feminine Mystique "pulled the trigger in history." 

Today, women's role is much different than it was back in the 1950's-60's, however, the book "is still relevant especially when it comes to our understanding of women and domesticity" says author Hanna Rasin. The Feminine Mystique not only uncovered "the problem with no name," but still serves as inspiration for women empowerment for every generation. 

Gladeo honors The Feminine Mystique setting off the second wave of feminism and declares Betty Friedan as a #fiercefemale for being the one brave voice that spoke for hundreds of unhappy housewives. 

Tiffany Gonzales, Head Scribe and Women’s History Month Content Curator