Seeking Experienced Board Members!

Do you want to inspire and help young people find and pursue their dream career?

We are looking for new board members in Los Angeles. We meet quarterly and expect around a 4-hour commitment per month beyond the board meeting. We're looking for experienced board members, as our organization is new and could use the guidance that experience brings.

We are looking for individuals with the following expertise:

  • Fundraising: We are seeking a board member knowledgeable about the "industry of philanthropy" in Los Angeles. Primary role will be to provide guidance for our fundraising strategy and introductions to the fundraising community. This includes foundations, corporate sponsorships and private donors. We have laid out a corporate sponsorship plan where corporations will sponsor key parts of our content and allow us to interview their employees (on video, off video) so we can educate and inspire students about the vast array of careers and industries, not just the ones in their community.
  • Public Relations: We are seeing a board member with expertise in public relations to provide guidance and assistant in implementation of effective communication strategies. 
  • Technology: We have created a prototype "Virtual Career Day", an online portal where guidance counselors and students can learn about the vasty array of careers from our ever-growing library of content. In 2016, we tested our prototype with over 200,00 users and received great feedback as well as suggestions for more functionalities and features, especially from guidance counselors. We would like to revamp our portal and we are seeking a technology expert who will help us with vendor selection and creation of our specs document.


Mission: Gladeo’s mission is to inspire and help young people discover, navigate and achieve their dream careers by creating innovative multimedia content and distributing it through the web, social media and to guidance counselors in high schools.

Problem: Studies show that early introduction of careers to students increases student engagement and decreases high school dropout rates. However, students from low-income neighborhoods have less career role models and career resources, so they heavily rely on their guidance counselors for career exploration. But these guidance counselors are stretched so thin. According to the California Department of Education, the student-to-counselor ratio is 945 to 1 and career counseling is merely one of their many responsibilities. So, how do these kids aspire to careers they’ve never heard of?

About Us: Gladeo created an online portal (a "Virtual Career Day") where guidance counselors and students can learn about the vast array of careers from our ever-growing library of content of videos, infographics and career profiles.

We interview working professionals to get first-hand, insider information. We also share stories of diverse individuals that these students can relate to, combating stereotypes to encourage all students, regardless of their background, to believe that success is also in their future, ALL in a fun, visually engaging way to effectively reach this young, "digital native" audience.

Gladeo gives guidance counselors the resources they need to inspire and expose their students to the vast world of possibilities, not just the ones in their community and to empower their students to make informed decisions about their future.

With an all-volunteer staff, we have reached over 200,000 students through guidance counselors, our career workshops and social media and feedback has been great. Guidance counselors from across the country have thanked us for our free career resources and been asking us for more!

Gladeo is a finalist for the 2017 Social Innovation Fast Pitch hosted by Social Ventures Partners Los Angeles.

For more information about Gladeo, please go to our website at www.gladeo.org.