Asian Pacific American Heritage Month: Amy Tan

"I am an American, steeped in American values. But I know on an emotional level what it means to be of the Chinese culture. " - Amy Tan

Amy Tan's way of telling the stories of different Chinese-American mother-daughter relationships has captured the hearts of millions. Most known for writing The Joy Luck Club, the Bay Area native has a unique way of incorporating history and emotional rawness into her literature.

We honor Amy Tan this month because of her influence and impact on the world of literature as an Asian-American. In her writings, Amy Tan stems her literature from her life as she grew up in California to Chinese immigrants and had to experience adapting to different cultures into her lifestyle. She draws inspiration specifically from her and her mother's relationship and her mother's stories about her life in China. 

Her success as a writer comes from channeling her own personal passions, struggles, and experiences throughout her life. In 1999, Tan discovered that she has contracted Lyme disease,  co-founding LymeAid 4 Kids an organization that supports uninsured families afford treatment. Today, she continues to write and currently resides in her San Francisco house.

Thank you very much to our readers who followed our celebration of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month! As we conclude another month highlighting the work and legacy of icons, we open the door for another month of celebration: LGBT Pride Month. We hope you enjoyed Asian Pacific Ameican Heritage Month and join us for our next theme this June!

Tiffany Gonzales, Asian Pacific American Heritage Month Content Curator