#MeetTheLeague - Aretha Dong, Graphic Design

As we begin another semester with our internship team, we are excited to introduce some fresh faces joining the Gladeo League this spring!

Meet Aretha Dong- one of our new Graphic Designers in the Creator Team!

Aretha is a senior at San Jose State University, majoring in Design Studies at the end of this semester. Before she decided to study graphic design Aretha wanted to become an art teacher. Her initial goal was to study studio art with an emphasis in teacher preparation. As a child, Aretha won numerous awards for her artwork, usually done with pens and pencils. Eventually, her love for art propelled her to pursue Design at SJSU.

She hopes to use her BA in Design Studies to market labels and logos for products such as beverage bottles, makeup, or even music albums.

Aretha still enjoys making art with pens and pencils. One of her dreams is to visit Europe to see the famous artworks she has studied in the past. In her free time, Aretha loves to watch movies, find delicious food to eat, and play with lots of dogs.

Welcome to the Gladeo League, Aretha! Keep checking the Gladeo Blog to meet our new Gladeo League members throughout the next few weeks!

By Joseph Fortuno, Gladeo League Program Director