#MeetTheLeague - Daniel Nguyen, League Reporter

Daniel Nguyen is one of our newest additions to the Reporter Team for Gladeo !

Daniel’s story began in Sugarland, Texas where he grew up reading and writing. He grew up as an avid Harry Potter fan and loved learning in school. Today, he is a Business student at Hofstra University Honors College on Long Island, New York.

Daniel constantly works to challenge himself. He started his college career a semester early and spent the summer bicycling around the Northeast and Canada. He pursues his passion for journalism not only through Gladeo, but also through his university’s newspaper, The Chronicle, as a Staff Writer. In his free time, he loves to volunteer in order to enhance the lives of others; so there is no surprise that his favorite TV show is Parks and Recreation.

Welcome to the team, Daniel! We're looking forward to working with you as a League Reporter!

By Noah Burton, League Reporter