#MeetTheLeague - Dylan Glicksman, Student Reporter

We would like to welcome our new Scribe, Dylan Glicksman, to the Gladeo League!

Dylan is currently a freshman at the University of Florida as a Sports & Media Journalism Major. He is involved with organizations on campus including the Best Buddies Program, which is focused on enriching the lives of students with disabilities. When he’s not volunteering on campus, you can find him playing basketball, football, or working out.

Growing up, Dylan has always had a positive outlook on life and promotes a healthy lifestyle by dieting, exercising, and maintaining a happy mood. His other interests include traveling, music, and inspirational literature. In addition, he loves to express his creative side through action photography and writing.

Dylan has some great ideas for Gladeo and is one of the talented people we have on board this year. Stay tuned for his new project on the way and to meet more of our latest additions to the Gladeo League!

Tiffany Gonzales, Head Scribe