Fall 2017 With the Gladeo League!

This particular semester is special for the Gladeo League- this fall, we are celebrating our internship program's second birthday! Since fall of 2015, we have provided opportunities to learn, develop, and implement skills to many college students from North America. From graphic design, journalism, video production, social media marketing, and more, The Gladeo League has worked with talented students to help spread our mission. 

This fall, we are being joined by a new line-up of students for our Creator and Marketing teams:

Creator Team

  • Danny Shin, San Jose State University
  • Adrian Famularcano, San Jose State University
  • Christina ChengSan Jose State University
  • Darrin Mair, Full Sail University

Marketing Team

  • Max Tendero, University of Michigan
  • Owen Leber, Drexel University
  • Paul Hibberd, Colorado State University
  • Anders Rottschaffer, Grand Rapids Community College

You can learn more about our Gladeo League Teams here

We are excited to spend another semester with a group of talented college students. Welcome to the Gladeo League!