#MeetTheLeague - Hailey Baird, Graphic Design

Meet Hailey Baird, an aspiring Entertainment Design student and newest Graphic Designer on the Gladeo League!

Originally from Clovis, New Mexico, Hailey has found many places to call home from Florida to Idaho. Despite her family's military background, she has always been interested in art, spending her childhood reading and writing stories. Finally settling down in the Bay Area in 2013, she was faced with the difficult career decision of choosing financial stability or her love of art. After months of research and a single stroke of luck, she moved to San Jose to attend Cogswell Polytechnical College for a BA in Entertainment Design. Her main focus is to find a harmonious blend of traditional and digital mediums while using her creative eye to find her style and make a statement in the entertainment industry.

In her free time, Hailey is always dabbling in any type of art, from knitting to Zentangle doodling, though her passion for writing has remained a constant means of expression. During her high school, years she was a reporter for her school newspaper and continues to have articles published on Joseph Fortuno's online magazine, Joseph's World. She is currently spending time building a photography portfolio. When Hailey isn't being artsy, she's looking at cute animal videos. A big goal in life is to adopt as many dogs as she possibly can.

Welcome to Gladeo, Hailey!

Joseph Fortuno, Gladeo League Internship Director