#MeetTheLeague - Isaac Hetzroni, Head Messenger

We are excited to announce the newest addition to the Gladeo League! Meet our new Head Messenger, Isaac Hetrzoni!

Born in Canada, Isaac moved to Florida when he was 10 years-old. A rising entrepreneur, Isaac was involved with Junior Achievement’s Company Program. As the President of Communications for FitKit, he was in charge of e-commerce and sales, becoming a big factor in landing the student owned start-up with a highly coveted spot at the 2016 Junior Achievement USA National Student Leadership Summit. He is now also President of IMM Promotions with their hit product FanU which has taken the college market by storm.

Aside from being a nationally recognized entrepreneur, Isaac is also a tech guru and health and fitness advocate. He follows his interests starting multiple successful companies and business ventures in both health and technology fields. He is a competitive triathlete and a strong supporter of youth fitness. Isaac is currently attending University of Florida in Gainesville to major in Marketing. He hopes to use his degree to enter the Health and Fitness Technology industry.

This semester, Isaac will pioneer the new Messenger Team. We are excited to see what Isaac will bring to the Gladeo League!

Joseph Fortuno, Gladeo League Program Director