#CAREERHIGHLIGHTS - Isabell Fearnsby, Professional Artist and Adjunct Professor at Cogswell Polytechnical College

 'Road Trip' by Isabell Fearnsby

'Road Trip' by Isabell Fearnsby

"Keep an open mind to it not looking like what you think it will. Even if you have to have a day job doing something totally different - that maybe you don't love - and you do what you love only in your free time, if you are determined eventually it will come together."
Isabell Fearnsby, Fine Art Painter and Adjunct Professor

From an early age, Isabel Fearnsby had a curious mind and an artistic passion.

Isabell was born Wales in the United Kingdom before moving to Santa Cruz, California, where she spent her childhood exploring, finger painting, doodling, and drawing on walls. An artist by heart, her passion soon carried on to her adult life, becoming a fine art painter and an adjunct professor at Cogswell Polytechnical College in San Jose, California. 

 'Todo Es Luz' by Isabell Fearnsby

'Todo Es Luz' by Isabell Fearnsby


Isabell is dedicated to her students, sharing her passion for the arts as she teaches various subjects such as history, photography, and painting. Her appreciation for teaching stems from her love for the arts, incorporating her experiences as a professional artist in her lessons and discussions. She develops material that is not only educational and inspiring but is relatable to the professional goals of her students. To Isabell, the most rewarding aspects of her job are student engagement, the excitement in the material, and seeing her students form new friendships throughout the semester. 

For those of you who are interested in both the arts and education, Isabell says, "Being a teacher is a whole other set of skills, but [...] for me, teaching is the perfect complement to being a Professional Artist."

To learn more about Isabell Fearnsby or to look through some of her work, check out her website

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