Join the Gladeo League - Fall 2016 Applications Open Now!

Here at the Gladeo League, our main mission is to give our student ambassadors a unique internship experience with a new media non-profit. During our inaugural semester, our interns have successfully helped Gladeo achieve new milestones, including:

  • An increased amount of social media activity, including content, followers, and follower interaction (including interactions from Taylor Hicks and Jordin Sparks!).
  • The launch of the Gladeo Blog, with content including curated posts on inspirational monthly themes, recaps of Gladeo events and milestones, and career highlights.
  • Audio and visual production, including a tutorial for www.GladeoX.org and an upcoming commercial.
  • Plans and designs for upcoming projects, including a T-shirt fundraiser campaign, interactive booths for upcoming events, and more!

We are very proud of what our internship team has achieved, and are currently looking for incoming or current college students to join the Gladeo League! 

Here are a few words from our current Gladeo League members:

"The Gladeo League has helped me become a confident worker, and really helped me strengthen my work ethic. The Gladeo internship is a one of a kind experience, and I am lucky to be working alongside people who share the same passion as I do."

Tiffany Gonzales, Gladeo League Head Scribe

“Joining the Gladeo League has inspired and strengthened me in many ways. I’ve gotten more opportunities to explore my career passions than ever before and develop my strengths! Gladeo helped me with my portfolio, and gave me vital connections for post-college.”

Austin Sybouts, Gladeo League Creator

"Gladeo has opened my eyes to different possibilities that I wouldn't have discovered through my high school counselor. Through Gladeo, I have realized my true potential, and has given me a sense of purpose and I could not be happier to be a part of the League."

Alexander Walker-Griffin, Gladeo League Messenger

"What I learned working at Gladeo is that there are multiple paths towards a career. There is not one set path. Gladeo gave me an outlet to help me find my dream career."

Brandon Fong, Gladeo League Creator

"My journey with Gladeo has taught me many skills. I love the positive vibe in the league. Everyone is supportive of each others' ideas, and I love how it is a learning process for everyone. It's amazing to be doing great things with great people."

Mahal Williams, Gladeo League Head Producer

"Gladeo has allowed me to pursue my passions while helping the community. This organization works in everyone's best interest, whether they are an employee or a student finding their dream career. Gladeo helps others reach their fullest potential."

Rachel Gorgas, Gladeo League Head Creator

Gladeo's mission is to give young people the proper tools to find their dream career. Our internship team is a great example of what the millennial generation can achieve with proper guidance and motivation. 

Join us in helping people find their dream careers! If you are interested in becoming a Gladeo intern for our Fall 2016 semester, please visit our Gladeo League page for more information. Applications are open now through June 15, 2016.

Joseph Fortuno, Gladeo League Program Director