#MeetTheLeague - Kalyn Farmer, Graphic Design

Introducing another fresh face to our Creator Team- cosplay and video game enthusiast, Kalyn Farmer!

Originally from Galt, California, Kalyn currently attends Cogswell Polytechnical College in San Jose to major in Game Design Art. She is very passionate about video games and hopes to use her degree to create new worlds full of culture and depth in her future video game projects. Kalyn’s college career and studies have made her proficient in Game Design and 3D Modeling.

Her main goal is to inspire others with different forms of art including fine art, digital art, and interactive art forms like video games. Kalyn is an active member of Cogswell’s ASB, having been an event manager and the current treasurer. She spends most of her free time with her other passions including crafting and designing personal cosplays. She has attended numerous events around Northern California as different characters with her cosplay group, Congress Cosplay!

We are excited to have her as one of our Graphic Design Artists on the Creator Team this year! Welcome to Gladeo, Kalyn!

Joseph Fortuno, Gladeo League Program Director