#Giving - The Medical Experience through Service in Healthcare / MESH

The Medical Experience through Service in Healthcare (MESH) group at the University of California - Los Angeles is a completely student-run group offering clinical assistance and public health programs to the Los Angeles area. Their target demographics are low socioeconomic status communities. These communities bring in low income, which make healthy life choices difficult. MESH aims to offer different medical services to low socioeconomic status communities through blood pressure and body mass index (BMI). MESH also offers screenings, healthy eating classes, and public health workshops held throughout the community.

Each of these topics are covered by five different public health projects that students could join. These projects are broken into categories with a project with each one: hearts, women, children, families, and health fairs. Students come together and work on these projects to teach the community about how to check, change, and maintain their health. MESH also has two other goals: clinical assisting and global health. The clinical assisting students go to underserved clinics in the area to be that extra helping hand. MESH’s global health project is a six week summer service trip to Cambodia to provide healthcare services to the country torn by a mass genocide. MESH members have teamed up with medical professionals and students to offer services from prosthetics to dentistry. Although they focus on helping the public, their services know no bounds!

MESH may not be comprised of low SES students, but they joined MESH to be the extra help that low SES communities need. Having students work with big groups like the American Heart Association and UCLA allows MESH members to have the training to benefit the public in healthcare.

Thank you, MESH, for #Giving a positive impact in our society!

Noah Burton, Gladeo League Reporter