“...Failure is at times a prerequisite for success so we should embrace it, not be scared of it or let it paralyze us because it not only strengthens us and builds character but it is also educates us and makes us infinitely wiser.”
Michelle Cho

Although the Gladeo League’s fall 2016 semester just kicked off, Gladeo’s hardworking team was active during the summer! On July 27th, Gladeo Co-Founder Michelle Cho attended the Annual SparkPoint Retreat as a keynote speaker. SparkPoint, an organization created by United Way Bay Area, gives guidance to locals to help them achieve their financial goals through one-on-one counseling. This past year, 80% of SparkPoint’s clients have made progress towards their financial goals. The event, which took place in Berkeley, California, was a day filled with celebrating accomplishments, networking, and inspiration.

Gladeo’s Founder, Michelle Cho, was honored to be one of the event’s keynote speaker along with The President of Skyline College, Dr. Regina Stanback Stroud. Michelle’s speech, titled “Dream & Believe,” stresses the importance of giving young students the push they need to dream confidently. Her inspiring speech touches on her personal life, how her mother became her foundation, and the true ‘grit’ of her sister. She also touched upon the four essential factors a student must have in order to pursue their long-term goals: Self-Awareness, World Awareness, Belief & Hope, and Failure.

Her inspiring speech was a strong conclusion to the event. We are proud to have an Executive Director & Founder who is as inspirational and motivational as Michelle Cho!

“You have the power to change lives and not only equip them with skills and resources but also with confidence, motivation, inspiration, passion and perseverance.”
Michelle Cho

Tiffany Gonzalez, Head Scribe