Meet This Summer's #GladeoLeague Creator Team!

This semester the Gladeo League is proud to welcome new additions to the Creator team as well as returning members. Our Creator Team is comprised of talented and ingenious individuals that bring the Gladeo vision to life. We are so proud of all of the great work the Creators have achieved in the past and look forward to all of the exciting projects our league members have planned for the near future.

Kalyn Farmer is a Game Design Art major at Cogswell College in San Jose, California. Her passion for videogames fuel her dream to use her degree to create new worlds full of culture and depth in her future video game projects. Kalyn’s college career and studies have made her proficient in Game Design and 3D Modeling. She spends most of her free time with her other passions including crafting and designing personal cosplay with her cosplay group, Congress Cosplay!


Danny Shin is an undergraduate Design Studies major at San Jose State University. An artist with an eye for detail, he strongly believes that an effective design can have a powerful impact among others. He hopes to apply this passion to big companies such Apple or Google through apps or graphic design in the future. Danny is obsessed with technology, particularly, with smartphones and cars. He has his own website, Simplicity Show, just to blog all about them.


Aretha is a San Jose State University graduate, majoring in Design Studies. Her love for art at a young age propelled her to pursue Design at SJSU. Her aspirations include making labels and logos for merchandise and music albums. Her hobbies include making traditional art with pens and pencils and hanging out with lots of dogs.




Rafael Joseph studies 3D Animation at Cogswell College in San Jose, California. Though he's transitioned to animation, Rafael began his college career in design and illustration and aims to continue strengthening his skills in both 2D and 3D art fields. He also served as Vice President for the Cogswell Concept club during his second year at the school. Outside of school, Rafael volunteers as an educational speaker at the LGBT Youth Space, a branch of Family & Children Services of Silicon Valley, and helps spread tolerance and awareness to influential young professionals in his community. To see his animations and paintings, visit rafaeljoseph.weebly.com.



Jenna Canning recently graduated with a B.A. in Media and Information from Michigan State University. She has had opportunities to work with the student radio station and smaller publications building her knowledge and passion for design. She also loves exploring new places and learning about different cultures all over the world.




Zichun is a recent graduate from Boston University with a bachelor degree in Graphic Design. She is passionate about using visual language to tell stories. She can adapt to new environments quickly as she has traveled to 19 countries worldwide and 100+ cities. She loves learning and collecting inspirations from people. Meeting people with diverse cultural backgrounds has taught her many life lessons -- one being thinking from others' perspectives. In the near future, Zichun aims to pursue a career in the advertising industry.

Now that you know the brilliant minds behind the #GladeoGraphix series! Take note of these individuals because they have a semester of great projects planned ahead. Make sure to check our blog page to get to know more members of the Gladeo League!

ByTiffany Gonzales