Meet This Summer's #GladeoLeague Production Team!

The Gladeo League is changing things up! As part of our internship program, we have assembled a team of film students and recent graduates this semester! Our Gladeo League Production Team will be working with industry advisors to create videos that reflect our message while gaining experience in the industry. They will also have a chance to meet and interview professionals in their field of interest, whether that be in digital media, film, television or the video game industry. With a shared passion for creating content and inspiring others, you can bet that our new team is ready to put their all into their work.


Mia Kellman is an LA based filmmaker who specializes in screen writing, cinematography and editing. Adopted from China and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Mia's work explores transnational identity and culture. Mia just graduated from Occidental College in Los Angeles and created two short films that have been nominated for various awards including a student BAFTA award. Additionally, Mia is interested in marketing, specifically social media. This past year Mia was the social media coordinator for the Occidental College of Admissions and in charge of the office's social media pages and online outreach with prospective students. Additionally, she produced several promotional videos that were shared with incoming students and families. In her free time, you can almost always find Mia exploring the outdoors, trying new food with friends, traveling the world or relaxing at home with her two dogs. 



McKay Giller just finished his junior year at New York University’s Stern school of Business. He’s been an avid fan of YouTube since he discovered it around six years ago, and ever since then, has taught himself how to edit videos using various programs. He hopes to pursue a career in either game design or editing videos for YouTube. He’s very excited to be working for Gladeo this summer!





Ever on the quest to bring back the auteur theory in today's modern cinema, Rock Hemlock has certain sensibilities not seen in awhile in modern African American cinema.  He is always on the quest to make black art bigger and better and wants to truly stand shoulder to shoulder with today's and future giants. He just graduated from film school at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, and also holds various degrees ranging from theology to engineering. He blends Eastern European cinema sprinkled with a dash of Asian sensibilities served with big ole side of Americana. He is truly the next generation's premier black filmmaker.



Bakyt is a current student at New York Film Academy’s MFA Producing program. He previously gained his Musical Education B.A. from the West Kazakhstan State University. He is a firm believer that music plays a major role in films to enhance the feelings of the audience. Over the past fifteen years, he has completed over fifteen music videos, two documentaries, and numerous commercials.




David Viramontes is a multi-platform media artist and designer studying new media at the University of Southern California's School of Cinematic Arts. He is an aspiring documentarian passionate about his community, issues of social justice, and storytelling.





Jose Velasquez has been interested in art since watching Dragonball in Middle School. Since then, he has been drawn to animation, claymation, and every form of art from Anime to Baroque Fine Art. He attended Cal State Long Beach to earn his Bachelor’s in Art, and continues his studies at the Academy of Art University. He has taken masterclasses with various Pixar mentors and has volunteered with AnimAction Inc. to teach elementary school kids about animation.



Born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA, Tyce has always had an affinity for the arts, especially music. He started playing the trombone in 5th grade, and was a member of marching band, choir, jazz band, and concert ensemble throughout high school. He moved to California and graduated from Cogswell  College last year with a degree in Digital Audio Technology. He currently lives in San Jose, CA with his newly wed wife and two lovely dogs: Eva and Layla. In his spare time, Tyce loves to attend sporting events and concerts. He also enjoys traveling and exploring the world.

With the amount of talent we have on this team, we can only assume that by the end of the semester, we will have a bunch of great new career-related videos to showcase! Welcome to the Gladeo League, Producers!

ByTiffany Gonzales