Meet This Summer's #GladeoLeague Reporter Team!

Gladeo is thrilled to introduce a brand new Gladeo League Reporter Team this semester! These young journalists were carefully selected from a large pool of applicants and have proved to be the best! We can’t wait to showcase their talent and see what amazing content they bring this semester.



Nivaasya Ramachandran is an Economics-Political Science student at Columbia University in Manhattan, New York. Her passion for law led to years of competitive Mock Trial in high school, and a cherished opportunity to meet Justice Sonia Sotomayor. Standing at a mere 5’1, yet holding a black belt in Taekwondo, this harp-playing rap enthusiast has always displayed a disregard for convention, which she believes, stems from her unconventional upbringing. Nivaasya considers herself lucky to have had the opportunity to live and grow in 6 countries across 3 continents; her transnational experiences have led her to firmly identify as a global citizen with a duty to give back to the global community.



Payge Woodard is a freelance journalist living in Halifax, Nova Scotia. She spent last spring working in Maine as an intern for Bangor Daily News. Passionate about learning to dig deeper into a story, she recently completed her master’s in investigative journalism at the University of King’s College.




Madilyn Lee is a International Relations graduate from the University of Colorado Boulder. A dedicated writer with experience in and a profound love for non-profit work. An "adventure journalist" for the non-profit The Love Story Media writing 3rd person perspective takes on real-live events with the theme of embracing internal struggle through creative expression. She wrote columns regarding domestic violence for the non-profit Safehouse Progressive Alliance for Non-Violence. Madilyn has also created the blog platform thewanderesschronicles.com to share the experiences of solo female travelers.



Genesis Chavez-Caro is an SF State Journalism graduate who has a passion for social justice and civil rights. She has written articles for San Francisco-based, bilingual newspaper El Tecolote and has volunteered for environmental justice organizations as well as political campaigns. Genesis enjoys reading and playing tennis on her spare time.  




Born and raised in Los Angeles, Calif., Danielle Chiriguayo has always been deeply passionate about people and their cultures. Combine that love for culture with her passion for the written word and it is no wonder she was destined to become a journalist. After spending eight years in the Pacific Northwest, three of which spending time majoring in Communications with an emphasis in Journalism and Media Production at Washington State University, Chiriguayo has returned to her hometown of Los Angeles and hopes to rediscover the city she loves. When she isn’t writing, you can find Chiriguayo drinking obscene amounts of coffee, catching up on her favorite TV shows, or eating tacos.  



Jason Rochlin is an incoming junior at California State University, Fullerton who has worked for two years on the editorial board for the school's newspaper, the Daily Titan. He has also worked as an editorial assistant for the University of California Press publication Boom California, which aims to facilitate academic conversations about issues facing the state of California. When he is not spending his time working, you will likely find him playing a video game or two. You can follow his work and play experiences at his blog, https://jasonrochlin.wordpress.com.

Keep a lookout for new blog posts and content coming from these aspiring journalists! You can find their work in our #CareerHighlights page and on GladeoX soon!