Dreaming Confidently at the Y.ASSEMBLE Youth Conference & Empowerment Summit!

On Saturday, May 21st, Founder Michelle Cho with Gladeo League Members Joseph, Austin, Alex, and Mahal attended the Y.ASSEMBLE Youth Conference & Empowerment Summit at Pittsburg High School! 

During the event, Gladeo hosted an interactive booth for members of the community and students to learn about Gladeo! Visitors learned about Gladeo's mission and programs including GladeoX, the Dream Confidently Seminar, Industry and Career Videos, and the Gladeo League.

During two sessions, Michelle Cho and the Gladeo League taught middle and high school students the importance of finding and pursuing a dream career during the Dream Confidently seminar. In the session, students learned about the importance of using their passions, personality strengths, and priorities to find a career path, and how to be successful through grit. 

The Y.ASSEMBLE Youth Conference & Empowerment Summit unites sixth through twelfth grade youth with local dignitaries, mentors and community leaders for an incredible day complete with exploration, education, and entertainment. The event was  a community effort to build healthy attributes such as self-esteem, honesty, and integrity. The interactive workshops provided at the Summit offered life skills, assistance with career development and provided a venue for appropriate activities that reduce the risk of undesirable behavior. 

The event incorporated a vast spectrum of topics and activities as our young constituency is extremely diverse. 

See images below!

Tiffany Gonzales, Gladeo League Head Scribe