The Gladeo League is our internship team comprised of college students from around the United States. Members of the league are mentored and trained by industry advisors and get the chance to participate in Gladeo’s professional activities including content & editorial creation, graphic design, video production, and campus outreach, and social management. Through this internship, college students interact with working professionals, start to build relationships in their interested field, and expand their portfolio of work so they are ready to enter into the workforce with great contacts and valuable working experience!


Our goal is to provide college students with experience in various fields, especially the ones of their interests. Each team member will have a different experience; we aim to mold their time with the League to their passions, talents, and interests. Through the Gladeo League, interns will be able to harness invaluable experience, develop relationships with colleagues and industry professionals, and most importantly, become a hero for our thousands of users as they pave their path to success.

 With student debt at an all-time high and rampant un(der)employment, Gladeo will be an invaluable tool and web destination for students seeking to make wise, informed education and career decisions. Become part of The Gladeo League- and help us change the world, one hero at a time.


All current or incoming college students are eligible to apply for The Gladeo League. Accepted interns are expected to fulfill a semester's worth of commitment during the fall, spring, or summer. 

As of now, application season for the SP18 semester is closed. Stay tuned for information about applying for our SU18 semester!

Please click on the team you are applying for below to learn about the application materials.



Q: Is the Gladeo League Internship paid?

A: No, this internship is unpaid. Instead, the benefits from the League include experience with an emerging media non-profit with your skills as well as gaining key valuable contacts in your interested field! 

Q: Is the entire internship online?

A: The entire internship may take place online, but local students (Bay Area and Los Angeles) may be asked to attend in-person meetings, depending on the team.

Q: Do I need to live in the San Francisco Bay Area or Los Angeles to apply?

A: If you are applying as a Director or Editor for the Production Team, you must reside in the Los Angeles area. Other than that, applications are open to all college students around the United States. 

Q: What are the prerequisites to join the Gladeo League?

A: All applicants must be an incoming, current, or recent college graduate (less than a year) in the United States. 

Q: Can I choose more than one group to join?

A: Depending on your GPA, you may be able to be in the more than one team. However, we prefer each League member to focus their efforts with one team.