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Get Students Excited and Ready for their Futures

FOR K-12 

At Gladeo, we believe career exploration and development should be exciting, educational, relatable, inspiring and empowering! We offer a fully integrated career assessment, exploration and readiness platform for students designed to seamlessly integrate with your school's systems. 

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Online, Self-Directed, & Asynchronous

Our learning modules are online, asynchronous and can be taken self-directed or taken by multiple students in a classroom setting.

Career Assessment

The Gladeo Career Quiz, based on Holland Codes, assesses each learner's personality/ interests and provides personalized career and industry matches. Learners can then immediately click to learn more about them.

Program Finder

Help students find educational and training programs related to their career goals. Learners can search programs by career, industry, location, program type, cost, CTE sector and pathway, and more.

Optional Teacher-Led Activities & Assignments

Our learning modules come with optional teacher-led instruction, group activities, reflections, assignments, and quizzes.

High Quality, Career Content for Modern Day Careers

No more outdated, generalized O*NET career guidance data. Our exclusive career profiles are current, highly-specific, and built from real-life informational interviews and expert research.

LMS Integration / Single-Sign On

Offer a seamless one-click sign-in experience using your existing SSO provider and add Gladeo to your learning management system. Integrations available for all leading LMS and SIS/SSO providers.

Standards Reporting & Progress Tracking

Teachers can track a learner's engagement, progress, career quiz results, and achievement of ASCA Standards for Students Success.

Inclusive, High Quality Career Videos

Gladeo's research-backed videos help learners from all backgrounds find inspiration and expand their belief of what's possible.

Purchasing Cooperative of America

Gladeo won a contract with the Purchasing Cooperative of America. Contact us to learn more about how to streamline purchasing Gladeo products through coop membership.

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FutureReady Career Development and CTE Overview Courses

A virtual, research-based career development course with 40+ hours of instructions which features on-demand video learning modules and quizzes accompanied by supplemental digital tools on Our course is purposefully designed to be inclusive, engaging and Gen-Z friendly. Curriculum covers self awareness, career exploration, career readiness, AI Literary, and lifelong and soft skill development. 

High School Friends

Career Navigation Platform

Get a dedicated school career navigation platform that helps inspire and prepare your students for modern-day careers. Click below to learn more about all of our features. 

College Friends

College Planning How-To's

Over 80+ articles helping students prepare for, apply for, and pay for college. Topics include college essay, FAFSA, college search, extracurricular activities...and more. 

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