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We are mission-driven

We're driven by our mission to give all people the opportunity to pursue and thrive in whatever career they want, no matter who they are or where they’re from.

We're democratizing access to dreams and opportunity

Gladeo is a Public Benefit Corporation revolutionizing the way that people learn about career opportunities. We are committed to ensuring that people from all backgrounds can see people they can relate to sharing their stories and career journeys. We're committed to democratizing access to insider information historically passed on by word-of-mouth and social networks. We're committed to connecting learners with trustworthy, reputable educational programs. We're committed to building a more inclusive, more prepared future of work.

We are a women (WBE) and minority-owned (MBE) social enterprise (PBC). Gladeo, Inc. is a NMSDC-MBE certified company and a PCA (Purchasing Cooperative of America) awarded contractor. PCA works for military, federal, state and local purchasing agents.


Trusted Among Industry Leaders

Leading K12 Schools and Districts, Colleges, and Workforce Agencies rely on Gladeo to help them prepare their learners for the future of work.

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Our Partner

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