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Help Learners Find Their Path with Gladeo's Career Development Courses

At Gladeo, we believe career exploration and development should be exciting, educational, relatable, inspiring and empowering!

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Trusted by Leading Schools and Districts

Leading K12 Schools and Districts rely on Gladeo's career exploration courses to help them prepare their learners for the future of work.

Online, Self-Directed, & Asynchronous

Our courses are online, asynchronous and can be taken self-directed or taken by multiple students in a classroom setting.

Access to Exclusive Content & Tools

Licenses grant access to Gladeo's career library, assessment, and other supplementary digital tools.

Optional Teacher-Led Activities & Assignments

Our courses come with optional teacher-led instruction, group activities, reflections, assignments, and quizzes.

Standards Reporting & Progress Tracking

Teachers & Administrators can track learners' engagement, progress, career quiz results, and achievement of ASCA Standards for Students Success.

ESSA Level IV Certified

Achieving Level IV certification demonstrates our deep commitment to research, to verifying our impact and the effectiveness of our programs.


Introduction to Career Development

A virtual, research-based career development course with 40+ hours of instruction which features on-demand video learning modules and quizzes accompanied by supplemental digital tools on Our course is purposefully designed to be inclusive, engaging and Gen-Z friendly. 


CTE Sector Overview Courses

Our CTE Overview modules offer students an in-depth exploration of distinct CTE sectors, elucidating the various pathways available within each sector, the requisite skills for success, the significance of the sector, and much more. These courses are meticulously designed to equip students with a comprehensive understanding of their chosen field, empowering them to make informed decisions about their career paths.

Prepare your students for the careers of the future

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