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"[Gladeo] encourages collaboration between K-12 schools, higher education institutions, and workforce organizations within the same regions to break down silos and make career pathways more accessible."  

Gladeo's Regional Approach to Career and Workforce Development

Gladeo leverages a research-driven, regional approach to career and workforce development, presenting a cohesive platform that convenes all stakeholders of the workforce ecosystem onto one platform.


By being tailored to a specific region, the content is much more relevant and applicable to users. It’s not generic; there’s more value for students, educators, workforce agency teams, and other stakeholders than what they’d get from generalized career platforms. 


Our regional platforms have:

  • Regional labor market data benchmarked to the region's livable wage

  • Regional in-demand careers and industries.

  • Regional Program Finder: Each career profile connects to a program finder where the learner can find educational and training programs for that career (certificate, AA, BA/BS, Master's apprenticeship, WIOA eligible programs...etc)

  • Regional Employer Profiles

  • Regional Personalized Newsfeed that recommends content, resources and opportunities from the community based on the user's unique demographics, career interests, and industry interests. Newsfeed items include webinars, networking events, work-based learning opportunities, thought leadership articles and more. 

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