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Move beyond workforce development platforms with boring client-facing interfaces.


Gladeo gives your organization the power to deliver engaging, media-driven virtual career services to clients in a fast-changing world of work.

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A Fun and Engaging Client-Facing Experience

What's the risk of treating the client-facing experience as an afterthought? Low client engagement, low user adoption, which leads to low outcomes, low value, and low ROI. 

Self-Service and Online

Scale up the capacity of your career services office by offering engaging, self-service, online career navigation tools to your students.

Configurable & Flexible

Configure your Gladeo Career Navigation Platform with your local videos, careers and industries you want to feature, local programs and majors, etc.

Intelligent Matching

Intelligently match clients with the right career pathways, opportunities, resources, and employers.

Tracking & Analytics

Get reports on client engagement, what careers and industries they're interested in, etc.

Diverse and Inclusive Videos

Help clients from all backgrounds see and hear from relatable role models sharing stories that can inspire and expand what's possible.

AI-Powered Accessibility

Enabled with advanced, AI-powered accessibility tools that put your users first, regardless of what disabilities they may have, and is fully compliant with ADA and WCAG 2.1 standards.


Career Assessment

The Gladeo Career Quiz, based on Holland Codes, assesses each learner's personality and interests and provides personalized career and industry matches. Learners can then immediately click on Gladeo's proprietary career and industry profiles to learn more about them.

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Modern-Day Career Profiles

No more career exploration websites that lazily pull dated career information from a government website. Our exclusive career library is built from thousands of informational interviews, expert research, and is constantly being updated to ensure that your learners get the best guidance out there. 

We recognize that much of today's career content is overly general and lacks practicality. Our approach prioritizes specificity for effectiveness. For example, rather than grouping all software engineers into one category, we provide detailed insights into various specialized careers such as front-end, back-end, DevOps, testing, and more.

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Regional Labor Market Data

Gain valuable insights into your local job market, with regional salary data benchmarked against the region's living wage and employment outlook. Help your learners navigate their career path confidently with real-time information at their fingertips.

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Add a Regional Program Finder

Add a robust, configurable program finder to your custom platform that connects a client's career interest with relevant programs that are relevant to their career goals. Learners can search programs by career, industry, location, program type, cost, WIOA-eligibility, and more.

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Skills Gap Analysis 


Using responsible AI to identify personal skills gaps, Gladeo can help clients identify career paths that they can transition to based on their work experience, their skills, their personality, their interests, what's in-demand near them, and more.

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Regional Employer Profiles


Upload employers surrounding your service area and connect them to the careers they offer. 


Your employer partners will receive access to a portal link where they can post resources, events, work-based learnings opportunities and more.

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Job Board / Micro-Mentoring Platform


Our job board lists hundreds of thousands of job postings and you and partners can post jobs to the board as well. 

Match mentors from employers/ community partners and mentees and they can be matched through our matching algorithm and meet virtually for short micro-mentoring sessions.


Introduction to Career Development


A virtual, research-based career development course which features on-demand video learning modules and quizzes accompanied by supplemental digital tools on Our course is purposefully designed to be inclusive, engaging and Gen-Z friendly. Click below for chapter topics.

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Resume and Career Coaching


In partnership with AppleOne, one of the leading recruiting agencies in the world, we offer resume and recruiting services.

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Outreach Materials and Professional Development Training

Includes social media marketing materials, booth materials (banner, flyer, cards with QR code). We also provide a knowledge base for your learners/workers and a separate one for your case managers which include professional development materials. 

Are you ready to transform your job center for the future?

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