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How Gladeo aligns to ESSER Funding

  • Gladeo courses are authorized under the Elementary and Secondary Education Act and IDEA, as outlined above in funding descriptions for Title I, II, IV, V, and IDEA.

  • Whether in the classroom, before and after school programs, remote instruction from home, a hybrid learning setting, or summer programming, Gladeo's flexibly designed resources and platform can be utilized to empower students in their career development journey, ensuring they have access to valuable information and guidance no matter the setting.

  • Gladeo's program is designed to be self-paced and self-guided, so educators have the ability to assign the course to students, allowing each student to navigate their career journeys independently. This feature provides students the freedom to engage with the program based on their own schedule and interests.

  • Because parental support and involvement play a crucial role in career exploration, students can also access Gladeo remotely from home, helping to foster collaborative career discussions and explorations.

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