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How Gladeo aligns to Title II

  • Gladeo provides onboarding training sessions, with a Gladeo team expert, to ensure educators have the base knowledge and confidence to support students and ensure successful implementation of the program.

  • Gladeo’s personalized, synchronous training sessions provide educators and counselors with hands-on guidance and support in implementing Gladeo's program effectively to boost student academic success.

  • Gladeo offers educators an online Knowledge Base, equipped with video, articles, and webinars, to provide ongoing comprehensive and asynchronous media-based training on the course and platform.

  • Gladeo’s professional learning resources equip educators with the strategies, skills, and knowledge to maximize the benefits of Gladeo in their classrooms. 

  • Through professional learning, Gladeo ensures that educators have the tools and resources they need to successfully support all students’ unique career development journeys. 

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