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How Gladeo aligns to Title IV (21st Century Schools)

  • Gladeo’s Virtual Career Development Course leverages online resources, interactive modules, and multimedia content designed to provide students with engaging and accessible career information and address challenging barriers that all individuals face when starting and pursuing their career journeys. 

  • Through the use of emerging technology, Gladeo offers a self-paced and self-guided learning experience, allowing students to explore career pathways at their own convenience. 

  • Gladeo’s AI-driven, prescriptive program connects students with relatable role models through video interviews, profiles, and success stories. This exposure to real-world professionals helps students gain insights into different careers and envision their own future paths.

  • Gladeo’s platform tracks student progress, providing valuable data to teachers, counselors, and administrators. This data enables educators to calculate growth, measure engagement, and evaluate the improvement in students' career readiness and knowledge of various career pathways.

  • Through the utilization of technology, Gladeo amplifies students' career exploration experience, equipping them with the tools, insights, and personalized support they need to navigate their educational and professional journeys effectively.

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