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How Gladeo aligns to Perkins Funding

  • Gladeo uses research-based career development strategies to present students participating in vocational and technical education programs with potential career paths.

  • Gladeo’s career development courses and platform provide support to career and technical programs and can be purchased as relevant curriculum, technology or professional development. 

  • Gladeo’s platform leverages online resources, interactive modules, and multimedia content to provide students with engaging and accessible career information. 

  • Students are able to connect with relatable role models through video interviews, profiles and success stories, further enhancing their career exploration. Exposure to real-world professionals helps students gain insights into different careers and envision their own future paths. 

  • Gladeo’s curriculum helps students identify the education or training typically required for different CTE career paths. Students gain an understanding of the educational pathways necessary to their desired career and Gladeo helps them set goals and make informed decisions about their educational pursuits. 

  • Gladeo’s career development courses and platform facilitate student exploration and selection of learning opportunities leading to career paths. 

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