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Gladeo will be presenting at the Community College Association of Texas Trustees Annual Conference

Gladeo is excited to announce that we’ll be presenting at the 2023 CCATT (Community College Association of Texas Trustees) Annual Conference in September!

This year’s conference, titled Inspiring Innovation, Community College Governance for the Future, will be held in Fort Worth, Texas on September 14 - 16, 2023.

Gladeo’s co-founders Michelle and Grace Cho will be presenting Building a Future-Ready Workforce: Gladeo’s Human-Centered Approach to Career Navigation on September 15 from 2:45 - 3:30 pm (CT). In this knowledge-packed session, we’ll review how our uniquely designed career navigation platform helps users overcome the challenges and barriers they face when starting and pursuing their career journeys.

Our inclusive, configurable platform captivates learners with an array of engaging features, such as representative videos, youth-friendly assessments, personalized career suggestions—and future-ready career information (such as how AI is changing the labor market and skills needed).

Through research-based methods, Gladeo empowers learners by increasing career decision self-efficacy and academic motivation. Our platform’s seamless integration of regional labor market data and educational pathways at multiple institutions is exemplified in our successful collaboration with all 28 colleges in the Bay Area Community College Consortium!

Aligned with the goals of Guided Pathways, our user-friendly and inclusive site connects learners to in-demand career pathways and community college programs, helps them identify career goals and see the steps they must take to reach those goals, then sets them on a path toward success.

Our unwavering commitment to preparing learners to be future-ready has earned us recognition as a Top 5 finalist in the U.S. Department of Education’s Future Finder Challenge, where we showcased our innovative approach to career navigation for adult learners.


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