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Gladeo presenting at the California Workforce Association's Meeting of the Minds Annual Conference

Gladeo will be hosting an engaging session titled "Pathways to High Road Careers: Empowering Workers through a Holistic, Human-Centered Approach to Virtual Career Development" alongside our esteemed partners, the Los Angeles Economic Development Corporation and the West Adams WorkSource Center at the California Workforce Association's highly anticipated annual conference, Meeting of the Minds, in beautiful Monterey, CA on 9/7/23 10:15-11:15 am in the Santa Barbara Room at the Monterey Marriott.

We will be speaking about our human-centered, region-specific virtual platform for adult career development that empowers workers to explore, plan, train, and transition to higher-wage employment. Instead of focusing solely on job training and job search assistance, we will discuss strategies rooted in leading research that first address crucial hidden barriers to employment like lack of career awareness, self-efficacy, and optimism. Through human-centered methods like video storytelling, digital informational interviews, and inclusive assessments, alongside practical interventions like current labor market data and a regional program finder, the platform holistically prepares workers for the transition to higher-wage employment. We'll share insights from our LA County pilot.

During our session, we will discuss how we integrate cutting-edge career development research and user-centered design with our pilot partners across the entire workforce ecosystem, including K-12, community colleges, workforce boards, and job centers. This collaborative effort allows us to create workforce development tools and programs that prioritize equity, human-centered approaches, and future preparedness in this emerging era of AI.

Panelists include:

  • Moderator: Michelle Cho, Co-Founder and CEO, Gladeo Inc.

  • Jose Pelayo, Manager of Workforce Development, Los Angeles Economic Development Corporation

  • Joel Jacinto, Special Projects, West Adams WorkSource Center

  • Grace Cho, Co-Founder and Head of Product, Gladeo Inc.


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