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Gladeo Teams Up with the National Rural Education Association

Gladeo is thrilled to announce our exciting new partnership with the National Rural Education Association (NREA)! This dynamic collaboration underscores our dual commitments to effectively address the needs of diverse learners throughout the country, as well as the institutions and communities that support them.

Founded in Chattanooga, Tennessee in 1907 (as the Department of Rural Education), NREA is America's oldest established national organization. Over the years, [NREA] has “evolved as a strong and respected organization of rural school administrators, teachers, board members, regional service agency personnel, researchers, business and industry representatives, and others interested in maintaining the vitality of rural school systems across the country.”

Gladeo's mission complements the NREA's goal to be the national voice for rural education. As a public benefit corporation, Gladeo is dedicated to fostering a more inclusive, equitable, and future-ready workforce. We achieve this by providing accessible online career navigation platforms and comprehensive career exploration and readiness learning modules to K-12 school districts, community colleges, and job centers operated by regional workforce boards.

Recognizing that human decisions and motivation go beyond mere assessments and data, our unique program design draws from leading career development research to address the holistic needs of individuals. This approach encompasses vital elements such as self-concept, self-efficacy, and motivation, in addition to providing reliable career information, skills development, and labor market insights.

We’re passionate about ensuring our tools and content are relatable, empowering, and highly effective for all learners, especially those who may face barriers to access such as students in remote rural areas. That commitment extends to the institutions that support them, too, which is why we’re so excited to team up with the NREA. Together, we’re empowering today’s students with the knowledge and tools they need to thrive in tomorrow’s workforce!


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