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Gladeo Receives Membership and Vendor Award from The Purchasing Corporation Of America!

We're proud to announce Gladeo is now a member and award recipient of the Purchasing Corporation of America (PCA)!

PCA is a national purchasing cooperative operating in all 50 states, as well as the U.S. Territories, Canada, and Mexico. Its mission is “to provide innovative BEST VALUE contracts, employ the HIGHEST ETHICAL STANDARDS in public procurement, and provide REAL time and money savings for all PCA Members and Awarded Contractors.”

As an organization that’s compliant with federal, state, and local guidelines, PCA facilities purchasing and, in its own words, “combines experience in contracting, purchasing, and RFP and RFQ solicitation writing to provide strong, legal contracts across multiple industries and the most technically innovative contracts available for buildings and facilities.”

Gladeo is excited to be part of this dynamic group and looks forward to many years of cooperation. You can find our awarded vendor's status PCA’s Contract by Commodity/Service page, listed under the Online/Web-based Courses category.

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