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LAEDC Announces Launch of Gladeo LA

(Reposted from September 15, 2022 – Los Angeles – Yesterday, the Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation announced the launch of the Gladeo LA website platform, designed to close some of the gaps job seekers experience when starting their careers or switching over to a new one. Gladeo LA is a personalized, self-directed virtual career navigation platform that will empower Angelenos to make informed decisions about their upskilling, reskilling and personal career paths.

Gladeo seeks to address three main gaps job seekers experience:

Belief Gap – Empowering individuals with knowledge and resources to believe they can achieve, rather than what others believe they can achieve.

Information Gap – Providing correct and complete information for learners to drive their career choices.

Network Gap​ – Institutionalizing regional business and labor partnerships and increasing access to programs and opportunities job seekers may not have the advantage or privilege of knowing about.

Gladeo assists adults, students, guardians, and caretakers assisting job seekers to understand a career in key industries throughout the Los Angeles region and the steps needed to pursue the career. Gladeo provides career stories and videos that are inspiring and engaging, assessment quizzes and career matching, career profiles, a newsfeed, and a platform to build relationships within the region.

“Currently the L.A. region has tremendous belief, information, and network gaps, which are negatively impacting our talent pipelines across multiple industry sectors. Prior to the launch of Gladeo Los Angeles today there was no free universal virtual tool which highlights the in-demand high growth sectors in the LA region and allows individuals from all backgrounds, age groups, and communities to connect with industry and educational opportunities,” said Jermaine Hampton, LAEDC Director of Workforce Development. “Over the first phase of the Gladeo LA release we hope to see industry and educational engagement coupled with enrichment which leads to reducing the belief, information, and network gaps that are apparent throughout our communities in the LA region. This is especially vital for those communities which are underserved and have a lack of connectivity to our regional economy and most importantly opportunities that can garner sustainable careers and living wages.”

As a trusted convener in Los Angeles County, the LAEDC is the Los Angeles regional partner for Gladeo and will lead the efforts to recruit local employers and industry organizations, local community colleges and apprentice programs, and government agencies and non-profits to share resources and provide wrap-around services. LAEDC will also provide labor market research and data to improve the platform and outreach to underserved individuals and communities.

“Partnering with LAEDC was a no-brainer. By combining our expertise in media, storytelling, and technology with LAEDC’s expertise, network, and influence in workforce and economic development in LA County,” said Michelle Cho, CEO and Co-Founder of Gladeo. “Together, we were able to create a game-changing platform that fosters meaningful collaboration and connection within the education and workforce ecosystem, strengthens LA’s diverse workforce and economy, and ultimately improves the lives and livelihoods of all Angelenos.”

For a video demonstration of Gladeo LA, please watch the video below:

Gladeo LA is supported by funding from the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation and The James Irvine Foundation.

About the Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation – The Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation, a non-profit organization, champions equitable economic growth across the Los Angeles region. Through collaboration with community, government, business and education partners to inform and advance our data-driven and evidence-based approach, we endeavor to achieve a reimagined regional economy – growing, equitable, sustainable, and resilient – that provides a healthy and high standard of living for all. LAEDC staff and our members represent the diversity of Los Angeles County and act as trusted conveners, thought partners, valued service providers, regional stewards, and catalysts for transformational change.

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