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Regional Workforce Collaboration: Insights from Gladeo CEO Michelle Cho at the CA Economic Summit

The California Economic Summit in Coachella and Imperial Valleys was a massive success—and our Co-Founder and CEO Michelle Cho was thrilled to participate in one of the summit’s panel titled “Working Together to Build a Stronger and More Equitable Education and Workforce System” on October 12th!

“Produced by California Forward in partnership with the California Stewardship Network, the Summit influences CA FWD’s ongoing movement to make the government and economy work for everyone,” writes the summit website about the three-day event.

Joining Michelle on the panel were fellow industry leaders Karen Aceves, CEO of ARKEN Inc. and Director of the F3 AgTEC Initiative, Van Ton-Quinlivan, CEO of Futuro Health, and Anne Stanton, President of Linked Learning Alliance.

The panel shared details about a range of innovative programs and strategies—along with tangible, actionable insights—for enhancing collaboration between education and workforce systems, with the aim of building a more robust and equitable workforce pipeline.

The summit has helped set the stage for collective action in 2024 and beyond. Gladeo is doing our part by delivering robust regional career navigation/workforce development platforms and curriculum featuring valuable content and technology for high schools, workforce and job agencies, non-profits, colleges, and universities.

Michelle discussed Gladeo's strategic partnerships with influential organizations such as the Los Angeles Economic Development Corporation, Bay Area Community College Consortium, and the LA Opportunity Youth Collaborative. These collaborations ensure that Gladeo's platforms and curriculum are not only inclusive and accessible to all learners but also firmly grounded in research, effectively addressing the needs of both youth and adult learners within the workforce ecosystem.

“To truly move the needle on student and labor market outcomes,

California must have a strong and cohesive lifelong learning system

that creates seamless transitions between segments

(early childhood, K-12, post-secondary, and workforce),

and engages industry throughout.

- California Forward

Here’s how our mission to transform the future of work by empowering today’s learners and job seekers aligns with Governor Newsom’s Master Plan for Career Education initiative!

Future Ready Learning Materials

Our platforms and career/industry-related courses are kept current to ensure learners have access to the latest information.

Our focus on future-ready content specifically aligns with California’s objective to strengthen career pathways, as the state seeks to create “a system that empowers all Californians to obtain the skills and experience necessary to pursue a good-paying career and easily connect with employers hiring for those skills” by developing “user-centered tools to integrate the programs and goals.”

Gladeo also partners with professional associations and non-profits to build future-ready curricula aimed at helping students understand the career requirements of tomorrow. This aspect of our work aligns with prioritizing hands-on learning and real-life skills, as we support schools that are enabling “students and workers to learn through direct experience.”

We further support institutions seeking to “build up vital “employer-education partnerships” and expand “competency-based education to better integrate skills into academic records.”

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion + Accessibility

We incorporate leading career development research-based theories into the design of our tools, then ensure learners from all walks of life can access our highly-relatable content.

Our career videos feature motivational stories of women, people of color, persons with disabilities, former foster youth, and other successful workers who’ve overcome obstacles to achieve success. Gladeo materials are accessible in different languages, with text-to-speech and other accessibility features.

Our focus on DEI, accessibility, and relatability ensures learners understand career pathway options and see the importance of prioritizing hands-on learning and real-life skills. We even help reduce college costs by offering open-access thought leadership pieces such as How to Tell Which Online Colleges Aren't Worth It and Which Majors Won't Earn You Enough to Pay Off Your Loans?

Want to Learn More?

Gladeo is an inclusive career navigation solution! We empower educators and workforce developers to engage and prepare learners for careers with our configurable platforms, inclusive videos, enterprise cloud tools, and research-based online career development courses. Gladeo is proud to be certified as a Women and Minority Business Enterprise.

To learn more about our regional approach to career development, click here.

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