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Gladeo’s Quarterly Roundup Report - Sept ‘23

At Gladeo, we strive to ensure our partners have access to the most relevant and up-to-date information possible, especially in this fast-paced world where AI is shaking up every industry! From insightful career profiles, and new technology, to knowledge-packed course content, interviews, and thought leadership pieces, we bring you news from the frontlines. You can also catch us live at one of the many conferences we present at! Here are some of our updates for this quarter:

New LMS Functionalities for Course Delivery

  • Gladeo’s ESSA-Level IV certified Career Development Course, now called Gladeo FutureReady, has been relaunched on a new platform that supports seamless integration with various SSO/SIS systems such as Clever, Classlink and LMS platforms such as Canvas, Google Classroom.

  • Using video modules, interactive assessments, and personal reflections, the course guides learners through self-exploration, career pathway exploration, and building career readiness skills like resume writing, how to network, and understanding how AI is changing the workplace. All chapters include pre and post-surveys, reflections, quizzes, and assignments.

  • The platform is adaptable, offering options from fully self-guided to teacher-guided learning.

  • The platform also includes powerful standards-based reporting allowing teachers and administrators to gain insights on individual to district-level usage, engagement, progress, and performance.

    • The course is aligned to ASCA National Standards for Students, ASCA Student Standards: Mindsets & Behaviors for Student Success, and California CDE CTE Standards for Career Ready Practice.

New Course Chapters

Below are the new modules we have added this summer:

  • AI and Its Effect on the Working World (6 modules)

  • AI and How It Can Help with Career Development (6 modules)

  • All of California's 15 CTE Sectors Overview (national CTE sector overviews projected to be completed by the end of the year)

    1. Overview

    2. Why is this sector important to the economy?

    3. Types of People Who Enjoy Working in this Sector

    4. Top Skills Needed

    5. Different Pathways in the Sector

    6. Careers within those pathways

    7. Current Trends and Issues in the Sector

    8. Take the CTE Sector Quiz

New Career Profiles

We’ve added a lot of new career profiles to our career platform. Our profiles are written, not from ONET API data, but from extensive research, informational interviews and/or contributions from our partnerships with trade or professional associations and employers to make sure they reflect the modern-day workforce.

  • AI Auditor

  • AI Ethicist

  • Prompt Engineer

  • Machine Learning Manager

  • Agricultural Credit Manager

  • CAM Programmer

  • Food Technologist/Scientist

  • Agricultural Engineer

  • Commercial Drone Pilot

  • Forestry Technician

  • Agriscience Teacher

  • Entomologist

  • Merchandise/Retail Sales Manager

  • Aircraft Dispatcher

  • Equipment Fabricator

  • Music Manager / Music Producer

  • Animal Breeder

  • Farm and Ranch Manager

  • Music Supervisor

  • Animal Caretaker/Kennel Operator

  • Feed Nutritionist

  • Plant Scientist

  • Bookers/Talent Buyers, Music

  • Fish Hatchery Technician

  • Water Quality Specialist

Features and New Tools

  • Labor Market Visualization Update: A graphical representation of county-specific wage and employment outlook data on each career profile. Ability to benchmark against living wage data.

  • Educational attainment data for each career.

  • PowerUp Assessment: Enables learners to identify skills that they already have based on their work and life history, receive personalized career recommendations based on Personality Type, Skills Overlap, and Salary Increase, and identify programs that fill their skills gaps.

    • Our skills assessment goes beyond conventional measures by inviting learners to share both their work history and life experiences. Our approach nurtures inclusivity by celebrating diverse paths like having raised children, learned how to maintain a car...etc.

Articles and Thought Leadership Pieces

Learn what’s new in the education and workforce sector.

AI Spotlight

AI is a hot topic all educators must stay on top of. Below are Gladeo’s AI “MUST READS”!

Your feedback is invaluable to us. We encourage you to explore our new tools and content, engage with our team, and share your thoughts. Your insights will undoubtedly play a significant role in shaping our future developments.


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