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Presenting Gladeo’s Creative Careers Online Portal

Los Angeles Country is a hub of creative capital, but students sometimes struggle to find relatable, accessible information about how to enter creative careers! That’s why last week, we were so honored to present our exciting new Creative Careers Online portal—developed in conjunction with the Los Angeles County Department of Arts and Culture—at the California Department of Education’s Arts, Media, and Entertainment (AME) event in Burbank!

The popular statewide event hosted a wide array of arts educators and stakeholders from many AME fields, including industry, ed tech, and workforce development. We thoroughly enjoyed meeting so many enthusiastic arts educators from middle and high schools across the state (plus a few who came in from out of state)! It was thrilling to share how this free new resource can be utilized to enhance and contextualize arts education within classrooms and boost access to creative career pathways for students from all backgrounds.

Gladeo’s Creative Careers Online web resource is designed to inspire young people to discover, prepare for, and pursue careers in the arts and creative industries. It features:

  • Information about numerous creative careers

  • Interviews with diverse professionals who speak candidly about their jobs and how they got them

  • Local education and training opportunities

  • Advice for young people looking to land their first jobs!

Gladeo's Creative Careers Online Portal
Gladeo's Creative Careers Online Portal

Creative Careers Online is a project of the Los Angeles County Arts Ed Collective, powered by Gladeo, in partnership with Create CA and the Los Angeles County Department of Arts and Culture. It’s tailored to support students and job seekers from groups that are historically underrepresented in creative sectors and to identify the precise steps they can take to pursue upwardly mobile and in-demand creative careers.

Check out Gladeo’s Creative Careers Online today to discover all the benefits!

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